The various roles of the Steering Group

The Chair

The role of the chair is to provide system leadership around the strategic direction of the network. The role also needs to play a key role in influencing and being an advocate and champion for local digital practitioners.

The Chair also needs to be visibly committed to making lasting and sustainable change across the system of local public services.

Ideally the Chair will be responsible for or leading the delivery of digital transformation locally.

The Vice-Chair

Similar to a Chief Operating Officer, the role of the Vice-Chair is to ensure the continuing operation of the network and ensuring its strategy is delivered. This may mean taking a hands-on role in the organisation or running of something, or finding some willing to take something on should a need arise.

The Vice-Chair also contributes to the strategic direction of the network and may also lead a workstream.

Workstream Lead

Workstream leads manage a specific strand of LocalGov Digital and contribute the to the operation and strategic direction of the network with both specialist knowledge and a general contribution.

Steering Group Member

Members of the steering group who are not in one the roles above contribute to the operation and strategic direction of the network. They will usually be affiliated with one of the workstreams, although this is not required.