Hack Day 2014: Challenge One

Build a local public services search engine

This challenge is to pull together information from local public services into one search.

We’ll have access to search engines and digital content from a number of councils.

We’ll have full access to the NHS Choices API for the day. This includes information on doctors, dentists, care providers and more, as well as syndicated health information.

We’ll have access to Ordnance Survey tools and data.

Councils could embed a faceted version of it in their sites and use it instead of their internal search providing a much wider range of information. Hyperlocals could use it to display local services and information which could cross council borders. It could even be included on GOV.UK.

There is a rough specification you might like to use here.

You may also like to adapt or create a schema to define how organisations should supply information for publishing to the local services search.

Anything created needs to answer the question, "Why not just use Google?".

Feeds you might like to use:


Cornwall Council


Guildford Borough Council

XML - https://www.google.com/cse?cx=017916484034264318825:-vqw4bcgqbs&client=google-csbe&output=xml_no_dtd&q=bins

ATOM/JSON - https://www.googleapis.com/customsearch/v1?q=bins&cx=017916484034264318825%3A-vqw4bcgqbs&key=AIzaSyCMGfdDaSfjqv5zYoS0mTJnOT3e9MURWkU


Surrey County Council


West Berkshire Council