Hack Day 2014: Challenge Three

Build a good user journey for first time users


Lambeth has around 14% of residents who say they don’t have access to the internet.


This is about 45,000 people, nearly the same number who will be eligible for Universal Credit, and clearly there will be some overlap between the two groups. Lambeth are obviously not unique, and the council are working to find ways to address the digital divide.


This has included redesigning the council’s website, simplifying user journey, removing unnecessary content and building a responsive version of the site. We also run a scheme called Digi-buddies. Digi-buddies is a volunteer, peer-to-peer support network, with the aim to get people online who don't know how.


This may include showing them how they can use the Internet to find information on a hobby, how to set up and use email, use social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, communication tools such as Skype, or do online shopping. We still think more is needed, and this issue is universal for authorities across the UK, so a common approach would be helpful.


The challenge we would like to address this weekend is how can we build a good user journey to help people who are coming to our websites for the first time.


How do we make the site accessible for them and how do we help people get online? Once we’ve figured that out, the next question we’d like to answer is what’s a really good user journey to help someone who is claiming benefits for the first time and how do we deal with the universal credit issues?