Hack Day 2014: Challenge Two

Create a place to highlight standards, schemas and pages

When we start doing things the same way it becomes easier to join them up and work together. Standardisation generally comes from mandated use, or by consensus when a critical mass start doing the same thing.

This challenge is to create a place or method, or just come up with a plan as to how the details of the following could be stored to help create a consensus:


How can we highlight Schemas, API and protocols and then record who's using what?

Of course there’s https://schema.org/ but schemas on this site are for more general use. As standards like Open 311 evolve, a place to let councils know who's using which standards would aid interoperability between systems and councils.

Each schema or standard could be related back to a set of items on the Local Government Services List.


http://data.gov.uk/ already exists and perhaps this is the best place to keep local government data. You may have a better idea though. How do we tie this in with the schema and code that may relate to this data?


Sites like http://www.civicexchange.eu already provide a platform for finding open source apps, but is there a way of indexing code in GitHub so that this and other sites can find and use it?

LocalGov Digital Voice is a stream of what people who work in and around local governments are saying, could something similar be created for code?

Web Pages:

The LocalGov Digital Content Standards say, if information already exists, refer to it is by directing customers straight to it, but how do we know what is a definitive source?

Could you create a place for councils to store details of the pages on externals sites they’re using for specific subjects? It could be pre-populated with the Local Government Services List.

Any solution should allow councils and other organisations to highlight which of the above they use.

You can read more about the LocalGov Digital Makers Hack Day in partnership with Nesta here and check to see if there are any tickets still available here.