Content Standards

One of the first outputs for the Content, Design and Development work stream was to produce a Content Standards which could be adopted across local government.

The standards seek to improve the quality of content across the sector and be a resource which councils can take wholesale for their own use, or append localisations to.

They have been formed from good practice examples already existing in the UK local government sector, the approach of the Government Digital Service and also examples from local government around the world.

Like all resources published by LocalGov Digital is it presented here as a beta – the and is ready to be used but is also intended to evolve over time as technology and user behaviour do.

The latest version of the Standard (1.1) was published in April 2014 based on feedback from the network.

Website Usability Dashboard

LocalGov Digital launched its free Usability Dashboard, enabling councils to gather feedback from peers and the public on tasks across their websites.

The dashboard allows councils to sign up any number of tasks across their websites and digital practitioners or members of the public to carry out simple tests and provide feedback on these.

Through crowd-sourcing the usability testing councils can gather an objective view of where improvements to the user experience are needed.

How to Share Stuff

A basic guide for how to share code and other stuff