Makers Project Teams

What's a Makers project team?

A Makers Project Team is a group of people with an interest in designing or developing something for use by local governments or the people they serve and support. It could also be referred to as a "digital factory".

Why should I get involved?

You'll be helping to improve local public services by becoming part of a group of collective talent. Project teams generally involve people who work for councils, but do not have to exclusively include them.

Where are teams based?

Teams are not based in one physical location, instead they use digital resources to work collaboratively and can be located across the country, or even further afield.

What skills do they have?

Makers projects generally involve:

  • Service designers
  • Process designers
  • Graphic designers
  • UX designers
  • Developers

but anyone with enthusiasm, ideas and a willingness to create digital resources to improve communities can join.

How does a project team work?

Team members work collaboratively using digital resources and use:

Pipeline: To organise future work and concepts.

Trello: To organise work through the use of boards.

Google+ Hangouts: To create online "face-to-face" discussions and meetings.

Twitter: For wider discussions and research

Google Drive: To share documents, spreadsheets and other files.

GitHub: To build software, applications and other code together.

Slack: To bring this all together.

How can I get involved?

Get in touch @LGMakers, or through Google+.