Adding Projects to Pipeline

Help for adding new projects to LocalGov Digital Pipeline

Break up big projects

If your project is fairly large, say for example a website redesign, break it up into it constituent tasks. If you're using PRINCE2 these might be referred to as Work Packages. Breaking it down, especially the technology independent service, process or graphic design elements into agile chunks means it's more likely another organisation will work with you.

Describe the problems you're aiming to solve

Makers Project Teams work when common aims and local user needs align. By stating what these are, others will be able to match theirs against them and you'll both be working towards the same outcome from the start.

Sell your concept

Like Kickstarter you're pitching for others to contribute to your project. Be realistic about what you're planning to achieve, but promote the benefits of what you're trying to do. Pipeline might be a platform to enable collaboration but you can also showcase what you're doing at the same time.

Link to other resources

Pipeline isn't a platform for discussing projects, there are many digital resources that do this very well already. If discussion has already taken place about the project then link to it. Link to code, or other resources related to the project too to give a fuller picture as possible.

We hope this helps, now get over to Pipeline and start adding your projects.