LocalGov Digital London Peer Group

Who it’s for

The London Peer Group is for any council staff interested or involved in creating and delivering digital services.

What we do

Our aim is to build a Peer Group that can support digital practitioners in local government across London to build great digital services using the Local Government Digital Service Standard (LGDSS). 

In the Group we’ll be:

  • Discussing how we can work together to share expertise and peer support
  • Making sure everyone understands what the LGDSS is and how it can be applied (usefully and quickly) to your work
  • Meeting people working on similar digital projects across London
  • Finding out about peer assessments and how they might work

At our first meeting we explored how we'd like to support each other to use the LGDSS, and how ready our organisations are.

Read a summary of our first meeting.


For 2017 we've launched a teacamp series, focussing in depth on a different part of the standard each time.

Meeting #1 in March was on "Creating a service using the agile, iterative and user-centred methods set out in the Government Service Design Manual" - read a summary of the first teacamp.

Meeting #2 in April focussed on "Understand user needs. Research to develop deep knowledge of who the service users are and what that means for the design of the service." Read a summary of the second meeting, and coverage on the City Hall blog.

Meeting #3 in June delved into procurement, exploring how councils could use the digital marketplace to buy outcomes and specialist skills - read a summary of the third meeting.

How to get involved

Our next meetup is on September 7th from 4pm-6pm and will focus on "Identifying performance indicators for a service, and publishing to a performance platform" - register to attend.

We'll be holding regular meetups in 2017 to go through different areas of the LGDSS in depth. You can see future events on our event listing page.

To get in contact, email us [email protected], or come and chat on the LocalGov Digital team Slack.